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August 19

Polygamy Day is August 19

August 19, 2018, is the EIGHTEENTH  Polygamy Day ®.

The previous year has been one of forward movement, giving pro-polygamy supporters cause to celebrate this year's celebration of "Polygamy Day ® 18."

Over the first three months of 2018, the television network, TLC, aired three separate reality-TV series about polygamy.

On June 26, 2018, a Canadian Judge Sentence[d] Polygamists to House Arrest, Not Jail. These were the exact same cases and judge from just a year ago on July 24, 2017, who had, Finding Polygamists 'Guilty of Polygamy' Pushe[d] Canada Backwards. The result is that, still, no one has been sent to actual jail for "only" the so-called "crime" of polygamy. "Found guilty?" Yes (sadly). But "sent to jail?" No.

But that is not the only thing that happened on June 26, 2018. NationalPolygamyAdvocate.com publicly announced the official, National Polygamy Advocate ™ PODCAST. This new podcast had been undergoing testing and development since March, 2018, using weekly posts of past media interviews conducted with National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel. The podcast is available on numerous platforms and may be found on any iPhone or Android smartphone by searching for "national polygamy advocate". By July 6, 2018, the podcast was even available on the renowned Spotify platform.

In news sent to the media on August 7, 2018, National Polygamy Advocate PODCAST Archiving Media Interviews, the podcast had already aired the 20th of the historic past interviews, with vastly more still to come. That news report explained the following.

The podcast serves as (1) an educational resource for students, activists, politicians, and media about the national polygamy rights movement for unrelated consenting adults, (2) a source for rhetoric-training of future advocates of UCAP, Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy, (3) a demonstrated example of leadership for the future leaders of the movement, and lastly yet most significantly of all, (4) an important archive for history.

With each new episode coming in the weeks and months ahead, not only is the podcast archiving history, but this one-of-a-kind podcast will also be making history too. Indeed, not only are podcast-subscribers hearing archives of history, but they are also becoming a part of history-being-made - just by listening to this first, one, and only "National Polygamy Advocate PODCAST."

Also this Summer, Pro-Polygamy.com Celebrate[d] 15 Years of News & Views to Media on July 25, 2018. Not only did that official news report about this milestone anniversary provide comprehensive details from over the numerous years, but the content was concluded with an extensive bibliography at the end. Explaining, the report teased with the following.

From 2003, the first & only web-site to distribute real news & views from the pro-polygamy view to the media, Pro-Polygamy.com is now 15 years old.

It has been a positive year. The pro-polygamy fight for freedom continues.

Supporters of UCAP - unrelated consenting adult polygamy - surely have much to celebrate as well as to contemplate on this August 19, 2018, "Polygamy Day ® 18."


Polygamy Day is August 19

     POLYGAMY is NOT "bad for women"
Dr. Joyce Brothers: "Polygamy is not as bad as people think. I would rather be third in line of a good man than the only wife of a jerk."
[Live, as Guest: Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect", Comedy Channel, Dec. 22, 1994]

     POLYGAMY is NOT "Immoral"
Dr. Laura Schlessinger: "In the polygamous society of the Bible, adultery is defined as sexual intercourse between a man (whether married or unmarried) and a woman married to someone else. In biblical times, most societies allowed men to marry more than one woman."
["The Ten Commandments", Pg. 218, © 1998 Dr. Laura Schlessinger]

August 19 Polygamy Day, Inc. Action! Questions?