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Polygamy Day, Inc.
A non-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian corporation working to achieve decriminalization of freely consenting, adult, non-abusive, marriage-committed polygamy.

 August 19  
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Polygamy Day, Inc.


The term, Polygamy Day ®, is the exclusive trademark of Polygamy Day, Inc.. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially registered the trademark on June 26, 2007.
Polygamy Day - Reg. No. 3,256,270

Established for use for both Goods and Services, the purpose of this trademark is registered as "Promoting public awareness of polygamy and polygamy rights." The federally recorded "first use" of the trademark was on August 19, 2001.

As explained at Harvard Law University, Trademark Infringement or Dillution of federally registered trademarks are wholly prohibited and may grant the trademark holder the exclusive authority to sue anyone who so infringes or dillutes the registered trademark. As the term, Polygamy Day ®, is completely, federally registered, that means that anyone who does not have express permission by Polygamy Day, Inc., may neither use the trademark term for any unauthorized purposes nor use any similar-sounding variation, as pertaining to establishing any day(s) in the year as a different "polygamy day" or similar variation thereof. Indeed, this also means that any and/or all other similarities or variations, which could cause confusion in the marketplace, are also prohibited (such as, for one example among any number of similiarities, the term "polygyny day," or any variation thereof, is also prohibited).

Establishing a long-term record in history (even beyond this web-site), numerous news reports about this official Polygamy Day ®, have been distributed to the media for years, (e.g., August 19, 2006, August 19, 2007, August 19, 2008, August 19, 2009, August 19, 2010, August 19, 2011, August 19, 2012, August 19, 2013, August 19, 2014, August 19, 2015, August 19, 2016, August 19, 2017, August 19, 2018, August 19, 2019, August 19, 2020, and August 19, 2021 - linked off-site and not the same as the links on this website).

Use of this trademark term outside of that which the trademark holder, Polygamy Day, Inc., has defined and authorized is NOT permitted without express and written permission.

Beyond rational dispute, this trademark is therefore fully and completely protected from anti-polyagamists who might or could try to change/infringe/dillute this special day. Accordingly, it is absolutely and unassailably official:

Polygamy Day ® is August 19th!

Polygamy Day is August 19

     POLYGAMY is NOT "bad for women"
Dr. Joyce Brothers: "Polygamy is not as bad as people think. I would rather be third in line of a good man than the only wife of a jerk."
[Live, as Guest: Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect", Comedy Channel, Dec. 22, 1994]

     POLYGAMY is NOT "Immoral"
Dr. Laura Schlessinger: "In the polygamous society of the Bible, adultery is defined as sexual intercourse between a man (whether married or unmarried) and a woman married to someone else. In biblical times, most societies allowed men to marry more than one woman."
["The Ten Commandments", Pg. 218, © 1998 Dr. Laura Schlessinger]

August 19 Polygamy Day, Inc. Action! Questions?