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August 19


August 19, 2013, is the THIRTEENTH   Polygamy Day ®.

Many important events have occurred over the previous year, all leading up to this year's celebration of "Polygamy Day ® 13."

On December 4, 2012, TIME Magazine listed the rise of "Polygamy Activism" as #5 of the "Top Ten" Marriage Stories in 2012.

On April 3, 2013, National Polygamy Advocate Mark Henkel's historic speech at YALE, was released to the public on DVD. Considering the elite caliber of speakers who are invited to speak there, the release of this signifcant DVD was a very big deal for the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults. The Keynote Speech on this DVD Shows WHY You WILL Vote YES to Repeal Anti-Polygamy Laws for Consenting Adults.

In May, 2013, National Geographic broadcast a short TV series about the Mormon Polygamous community in Utah known as "Centennial Park," titled, Polygamy USA.

On June 26, 2013, the ten-year anniversary of the Lawrence v. Texas Decision, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) made two new Court Decisions affecting same sex marriage, Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor. Within days afterward, manufactured news media were erroneously reporting that polygamists were supposedly "excited" about the decisions. However, Pro-Polygamists are NOT 'Excited' about Supreme Court Decisions at all. Quoting the Special Report from that link, "Hollingsworth v. Perry was not decided on its merits and United States v. Windsor only applies to legalized marriages in the States." Because the former was not decided on its merits, the final Decision deprived polygamists of being able to use those arguments as a precedent. As quoted from the Special Report, "awaiting the official outcome on June 26th, 2013, the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults had pre-positioned itself nationwide to immediately file legal challenges if those merits had become a new SCOTUS precedent. Plaintiffs, pleadings, and even an amicus brief had been pre-organized, set, and ready to go. But without the merits of Hollingsworth v. Perry being set as a SCOTUS precedent, such nationwide intentions were instantaneously thwarted." As that Special Report concludes, "Ergo, despite inaccurate 'reports' by manufactured-news media, the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults is definitely not excited about these two decisions... Unlike Lawrence v. Texas of June 26th ten years ago, these latest SCOTUS Decisions on June 26, 2013, are useless for polygamists."

Even so, With so many news events happening, consenting adult polygamy supporters continue to have much to consider as well as to celebrate on August 19, 2013, "Polygamy Day ® 13."

Polygamy Day is August 19

     POLYGAMY is NOT "bad for women"
Dr. Joyce Brothers: "Polygamy is not as bad as people think. I would rather be third in line of a good man than the only wife of a jerk."
[Live, as Guest: Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect", Comedy Channel, Dec. 22, 1994]

     POLYGAMY is NOT "Immoral"
Dr. Laura Schlessinger: "In the polygamous society of the Bible, adultery is defined as sexual intercourse between a man (whether married or unmarried) and a woman married to someone else. In biblical times, most societies allowed men to marry more than one woman."
["The Ten Commandments", Pg. 218, © 1998 Dr. Laura Schlessinger]

August 19 Polygamy Day, Inc. Action! Questions?